Top 50 Blogs by Elementary Educators

Published by admin on November 22, 2010

There are few things in life as rewarding as watching little minds develop into great minds. Elementary school teachers have the chance to watch this transformation all the time. Teaching elementary school is a tough job, but with these great challenges also come great rewards. You might be surprised at how fulfilling it can be. If you are interested in helping your elementary education students excel, you can get ideas, inspiration and teaching tips from the teachers that are already there. Here are 50 great blogs by elementary teachers:

Teaching Ideas and Tips

Get helpful information, ideas and tips related to elementary school teaching from these blogs, which focus on issues related to early teaching.

  1. The Elementary Educator: This blog looks at different issues affecting elementary school teachers, from the perspective of a third-grade teacher.
  2. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: A look at elementary school issues, as well as good ideas and tips.
  3. Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog: One of the best blogs about teaching elementary school children.
  4. Betty’s Blog: This recently retired sixth grade teacher offers insights and tips for teaching.
  5. Elementary Teacher Blog: Helpful teaching ideas, and experiences related to being a teacher. Insightful and inspiring.
  6. It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: This teacher tells it like it is — and sometimes it’s hard. Helpful insights to overcoming the drama that can come with being an elementary school teacher.
  7. Vodkamom: This teacher offers helpful insights into life, as well as teaching.
  8. Learning is Messy: This elementary school teacher offers great insights into teaching, and good ideas and tips for successful lesson plans.
  9. Surviving a Teacher’s Salary: Great blog offering helpful hints on making your salary stretch — while being a great teacher.
  10. Just a Substitute Teacher…: An interesting perspective from a sub working in elementary schools.
  11. Michael Smith’s Principals Page: This rural educator started out as a teacher, and also served as a K-12 principal. Now he’s a superintendent. A great blog about administration.

Math, Science and Technology/Media

Teachers can get great ideas about teaching math and science from these blogs. This section also includes great blogs about technology and media teaching ideas.

  1. Creating Lifelong Learners: This K-5 teacher is tech savvy and discusses ways that technology can be incorporated into the classroom.
  2. Math Lessons: Blog meant for elementary teachers to help them teach math.
  3. Learn more about math and science from this 5th grade teacher.
  4. Steve Spangler Blog: This elementary science teacher turned into an Internet and media sensation through his kid-friendly experiments. Read his blog for fun ideas for teaching elementary school science.
  5. Washington Elementary’s Science Blog: Read about the exploits of this elementary science class from a teacher teaching 4th and 5th grades.
  6. FOSSweb California: Great teaching ideas and curricula, especially with regard to science resource specialists.
  7. Elementary Science: Even though this is meant for K-5 science teachers in a specific area, you can still find interesting ideas related to teaching science, no matter where you are.
  8. Let’s Play Math: This homeschool mom offers insights into teaching math — insights that can be used to help elementary school teachers.
  9. TechnoTuesday: Learn more about technology from this school media specialist. Great resources for using tech in the classroom.
  10. Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers: Get helpful information for using technology to teach, and incorporating technology in your elementary classroom.
  11. Chets Math Homework Help: This teacher of 2nd and 3rd grades helps you figure out ways to teach math in a way that children can understand.
  12. Elementary School Math Blog: Elementary educators in Canada helps with teaching math and provides great hints and curriculum ideas.

English, History, Writing and Social Studies

Get a feel for how to teach various aspects of social studies and English/writing subjects.

  1. KB…Connected: Focus on reading and writing, as well as art, with help from this blog by a teacher in Chicago.
  2. A Year of Reading: A great blog mostly devoted to children’s book reviews. An excellent resource for teachers looking to find some of the best literacy activities and books.
  3. History is Elementary: This elementary school history teacher offers insights and ideas for other history teachers.
  4. A GeekyMomma’s Blog: This mom and elementary school teacher shares thoughts on life — as well as on history and social studies.
  5. I Want to Teach Forever: Great thoughts and insights from this social studies teacher.
  6. Two Writing Teachers: These teachers offer insights and helps for writing. One teachers writing in various schools, while the other is a K-6 literacy specialist.
  7. Reading: Mrs. Bast: A great blog about how you can help children become life long book lovers. Mrs. Bast is currently a teacher at Georgetown, servicing 1st grade and 3rd grade students.
  8. Mrs. Iwema: Reading Support: More about reading from this great educator at Georgetown who focuses on second graders.

Art, Music and P.E.

These art education blogs can help you improve your ability to teach elementary school arts and music. Also includes P.E. blogs.

  1. The Teaching Palette: Learn more about teaching art. A great way to help children get interested in art.
  2. Daisy Yellow: A fun way to help children learn to enjoy art.
  3. Art with Mr. E: A great resource from an elementary art teacher.
  4. Art Lessons for Kids: Great ideas for art lessons and teaching plans.
  5. Mrs. Art Teacher: Find art lessons from this educator who is experienced with grades K-8.
  6. Music Teacher’s Helper: This blog features multiple authors interested in helping you develop lesson plans for teaching music.
  7. Elda Elementary Music Blog: Get great ideas for teaching music, and for putting together presentations at your school.
  8. Kerry Gendron’s Blog: Helpful resources and ideas for teaching music. Includes great lyrics for songs and performance ideas for different grades.
  9. Noteworthy News: This is the blog for the music class of Mrs. Bretz.
  10. Fairview Physical Education: This K4 – 8th grade P.E. teacher offers updates and more about teaching P.E.
  11. Georgetown Elementary Physical Education Blog: A look at teaching P.E. Includes plenty of helpful hints.

Special Needs

If you are teaching students needs, from those with learning disabilities to those who have other needs, these blogs can help.

  1. Children’s books for ELL instruction: Help those learning English as a second language in elementary school.
  2. Bilingual Special Ed: Helpful hints for implementing ESL programs written by an educator that works with school districts for all age groups, including elementary.
  3. Reality 101: Get insights about what it’s like to teach children with special needs.
  4. Jan Palmer: Offers a look at special education. This teacher is an elementary educator, as well as teaching older grades.
  5. Education On The Plate: Read about the efforts of this special education teacher.
  6. No Limits to Learning: This educator helps kids of all ages, including those in elementary school, and focuses on a variety of special needs, including those with communication needs.
  7. SpeEdChange: A look at special education, along with tips for teaching.
  8. Teach a Gifted Kid: Sometimes we forget that gifted children have their own special needs and requirements.

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