19 Best iPad Apps for Educators

Published by admin on January 19, 2011

Your iPad can be one of your best productivity tools, both in the classroom and in your personal life. You can use them like a small laptop, like an e-reader, and so many more ways. With the applications available for iPad, you can really expand its capability, and customize it just to fit your lifestyle. You’ll even find applications specifically designed for teachers and other education professionals. In addition, there are plenty of productivity apps that can really make life easier.

You’re sure to find plenty of ways to use your iPad every day, especially once you download these 19 apps we think are just great for educators.

  1. Full Screen Web Browser: Does just what it says: lets you browse on your iPhone in full screen.
  2. ReaddleDocs: This app can grab documents from almost any source, including computers, web sites, email attachments, MobileMe iDisk, online file storage apps and other iPhones and iPads.
  3. iBlueSky: A great brainstorming application for getting ideas out of your head an into a document.
  4. OmniFocus: This task management application allows you to create to do lists, as well as sync with documents on your desktop.
  5. Google Calendar: Check your Google calendar from anywhere. You never have to worry about being out of touch.
  6. AirSharing: A great way to share files: AirSharing allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless drive on any computer, drag and drop files and then view them on your device.
  7. Full Screen Web Browser: Does just what it says: lets you browse in full screen.
  8. iBooks: Download books to read and keep track of all your online books in this great app for the iPhone and iPad.
  9. BlogPress: Rich text editor, landscape editing, photo uploading and posting to multiple types of blog software. This one is great, and works with nearly any blogging platform you might be using.
  10. WordPress: The official WordPress iPhone app. You can write drafts and publish on the go. Works just like the real thing.
  11. Wikipanion: This is a great reference app for your iPad. It displays Wikipedia information in an easy to view format.
  12. School Rack: The app allows teachers to build colorful, customizable websites, while storing mailing lists and moderating private discussions with students and/or parents.
  13. Evernote: You’ll never take notes on paper again. It’s so easy to take notes on your phone and save them or file them.
  14. Dictionary.com: This is a dictionary and thesaurus for iPhone and iPad.
  15. Remember the Milk: This is a great app for making electronic lists and keeping track of the things you have to do.
  16. TED: TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design: This app is great for finding out plenty of interesting information. You’ll get access to lots of great speakers and speeches here.
  17. Keynote: The iWork Keynote app is ideal for on-the-go presentation development. You can also import Microsoft Powerpoint slide decks with ease.
  18. Stanza: Read books on your iPad with this great digital reading interface. You won’t believe how clearly you can read with Stanza.
  19. Box.net: This is an ideal app for curating, organizing, and sharing everything you write or documents that you create with other teachers. This is the most productive method for dealing with papers, reports and other document artifacts that help you might use in the classroom and share with other teachers. It provides public and secure folders and many social networking features that allow you to push your content out to colleagues.

Whether you use your iPad in the classroom or just to help you get prepared for teaching when you’re away from the classroom, you’re sure to find these applications helpful. They can keep you organized, give you additional resources and ensure that you’re in touch with everything you need, even when you travel.

Keep in mind that new applications are created every day for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone. If you keep researching, you’re sure to find even more great applications you want to use on your iPad.

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